Careers at Arista Networks

#15 on the Glassdoor Top 50 Medium Sized Companies to Work For!

Arista Networks is a company igniting low latency datacenters, cloud networking and computing environments. Arista offers best-of-breed 1/10/40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet switches that redefine scalability, robustness, and price-performance metrics. Our team is comprised of experienced management and top notch engineering talent from leading networking companies. Plus we offer great benefits and work-life balance.

We're looking for talented people to contribute in all areas of our company - whether you're a hardcore engineer looking to work on cutting edge networking technology or a new grad wanting to learn from the best at an exciting startup. Take a closer look at opportunities in:

Why Arista?

“It is a really fun place to be and constantly evolving. Everyday I learn or work on something new. Recently I have troubleshooted servers, helped move into a new office, and, of course, wrote some awesome software.”

What do you like most about Arista?

“The amazing people. I believe we have a unique set of people at Arista who are brilliant, but don't have big egos. It is so much fun seeing all the great ideas they come up with.”


Software Engineer
B.A, U.C. Berkeley
Computer Science

What do you like most about Arista?

“The culture and pace. People here are both smart and nice, which means there's a lot of collaboration going on. If something should get done, you do it or get people together and do it. There's very little bureaucracy, so the development moves really fast.”


Software Engineer
B.S, U.C. Berkeley
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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