The Arista 7050 and 7050X Series:

Industry Leading Performance, Power-Efficiency, and High Availability

The Arista 7050X Series extends the industry leading 7050 Series with increased performance, scalability, density and features designed for software driven networking.

7050X-32_128 The Arista 7050X Series are a range of 1RU and 2RU 10GbE and 40GbE wire speed multilayer switches powered by Arista EOS, the worlds most advanced network operating system. The 7050X Series are purpose built to address the growth of big data, IP Storage applications, expansion of web and cloud data centers and dense virtualized multi-tenancy environments.

7050Series10_40 The Arista 7050 Series are a range of 10GbE and 40GbE 1RU wire speed multilayer switches. Running EOS the 7050 Series are designed for top of rack and scalable L2/L3 leaf-spine designs, big data, IP Storage applications and dense environments with performance and high availability.

The Arista 7050 and 7050X Series provide high density, wirespeed performance, low latency and power efficiency combined with EOS proven innovations. For more information visit the 7050 Series or the 7050X Series. 


Arista 7050 and 7050X Technical Specifications

7050 Series7050X Series


Arista 7050 Series of industry leading performance, power efficiency and high availability Arista 7050X Series of cloud scale fixed configuration leaf and spine switches.

Switching Throughput

1.28 Terabits/sec 2.56 Terabits/sec

Max Forwarding Rate

960 Mpps 1440 Mpps

10G Interfaces

Up to 64 96

40G Interfaces

16 32

Rack Space

1RU 1RU and 2RU

10GbE Typical Power

2W per port 1.2W per port

Hot Swap and Power Fans

Yes Yes

Reversible Airflow

Yes Yes