Arista Networks VM Tracer™ and VXLAN:
The Best Network Hardware for VMware Virtualization

  • VM Tracer is natively integrated into EOS and works with the entire Arista 7000 Family of Data Center Switches.
  • VM Tracer links Arista switches to VMware's vCenter and creates an adaptive infrastructure in which the network responds to changes in the virtual machine network.
  • VM Tracer bridges the divide between the physical and virtual network making operational jobs easier.
  • VM Tracer is designed to add significant value to the network engineering and operations teams by providing complete visibility into the virtual machine network.
  • VM Tracer also supports the requirements of the virtualization and server administration teams by automating the provisioning of VLANs in the physical infrastructure supporting the virtual machine network.

Arista Enhancements to VM Tracer Functionality

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  • VM Auto Discovery shows which VMware hosts and VMs are on a given port in the network. Displays the full physical to virtual binding and provides visibility into the network reachability of a given virtual machine and the virtual machine's state.
  • VM Host View gives the network administrator visibility into the host with critical information such as: Manufacturer, Processor type, NIC type, Service Tag, etc.

Operational Simplicity

  • VM Adaptive Segmentation dynamically creates, prunes, and opens VLANs as they are needed by the virtual machines. If a virtual machine shuts down or is moved, its VLAN(s) can be pruned to preserve bandwidth and CPU cycles for active workloads.
  • VMware ESX Port Profile will automatically configure the interface based on the best practice for connecting virtual machines.
  • VM Tracer™ Multi-Tenancy supports connections to up to four separate VMware vCenter™ administrative domains with VLAN span-of-control per VMware vCenter Server instance. This allows for a single switch to connect to and participate in multiple virtualization domains concurrently. This is ideal for environments with a mix of production and lab services where each is allocated a specific range of VLANs.


  • VM Tracer works with your existing VMware vSphere vSwitches without disruption or replacement and works with all license editions of vSphere 4.0 and vSphere 4.1.
  • Changes to network policy and/or best practices are unobtrusively propagated and the network and virtualization implementation of policy is maintained consistently.