What People are Saying about EOS:


“A10 is excited about our partnership with Arista Networks and our joint deployments! The Arista EOS demonstrates ease of management, resiliency, and extensibility, coupled with the high performance of the Arista platforms. This makes Arista a logical partner with our AX Series Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) in data center engagements. A10 looks forward to our continued collaboration." - Joyce Taylor, vice president of business development, A10 Networks.


“CacheIQ’s RapidCache intelligent NFS caching platform leverages the extensibility of Arista’s EOS software to deliver unmatched network storage performance to I/O-intensive applications. The EOS extensions CacheIQ has developed are instrumental in managing both the size and health of our RapidCache cluster. “ - Greg Dahl, executive vice president of products and strategy, CacheIQ.

“Customers are turning away from closed, inefficient, complex, and overpriced systems. Arista EOS offers our customers an open environment with a truly modern software architecture enabling multi-system management with programmatic APIs that simplify and automate cloud deployment.” - Peder Ulander, chief marketing officer, Cloud.com.

"Successful deployment of the Cloudera Distribution including Apache Hadoop has reliance on both network quality and performance visibility. Whether it is topology discovery, well configured installations or ongoing performance tuning, Hadoop administrators benefit from visibility to network operations. The introduction of EOS open APIs is exciting. It provides the opportunity to expose a new level of detail on network behavior within Cloudera’s product line.” - Amr Awadallah, founder and chief technology officer, Cloudera.

"Customers recognize that legacy enterprise vendors have failed to deliver cost-effective, simple, and scalable cloud solutions. Now they are turning away from closed, inefficient, slow, complex, and overpriced systems. Arista EOS offers our customers an open environment with a modern software architecture enabling automation, scalability and overcoming the network challenges for cost-effective cloud deployments." - Randy Bias, chief technology officer, Cloudscaling.

"We are excited by the launch of EOS Central and the flexibility of Arista's extensible operating system. Network infrastructure has traditionally been perceived as a black box that must be manually configured, posing a significant challenge to cloud platform implementation and deployment. Arista EOS introduces a new generation of network provisioning capabilities that is certain to accelerate advances in cloud computing." - Rich Wolski, founder and chief technology officer, Eucalyptus Systems.

"Arista's EOS operating system enables a level of flexibility and control at the network layer of the cloud infrastructure that is not possible with legacy switches. These capabilities open many opportunities to improve the infrastructure underlying our SmartDataCenter cloud software, which supports the business needs of our cloud customers." - Jason Hoffman, founder and chief scientist, Joyent.
"We are excited with the launch of EOS Central! We at Kyoto Sangyo University have enjoyed the power of Arista EOS and developed a range of tools and advanced capabilities based on its extensibility. We are thrilled to see Arista extend the reach of EOS to developers worldwide through EOS Central!" - Yutaka Yasuda, Arista Square principal, Kyoto Sangyo University.

"Arista’s ease of management, reliability and performance are a great match for Hadoop environments. We’re looking forward to the benefits of our joint deployments." - John Schroeder, chief executive officer and co-founder, MapR Technologies.

"We're excited to be working with a ground-breaking vendor that leverage the software learnings of the past decade to deliver a modern operating system. Arista EOS is truly modular. The ability to extend the functionality of the switch programmatically enables us to provision the network with a level of granularity that was not possible in the past." Satoshi Konno, vice president of Product Strategies, Morphlabs.

"Nimbula is very excited to be partnering with Arista. Arista's Extensible OS (EOS) will help Nimbula Director map identity and policy to network configuration and controls in a very elastic and cloud-friendly way. By enabling Nimbula to program the network to understand cloud concepts, Arista will help deliver a better cloud solution for both the enterprise and service provider spaces." - Martin Buhr, vice president of sales and business development, Nimbula.

"Arista's extensible operating system is a perfect fit for Zeus’s software-based load balancing and traffic management products. It allows us to integrate our functionality directly into the switch, which provides an extremely flexible and cost-effective solution that meets our customers' business needs." - David Day, chief technology officer at Zeus