Arista switches are purpose-built for mission-oriented deployments and enable the US Government to cut costs, simplify complex network infrastructure, standardize on open protocols, and with Arista EOS automate critical IT processes enabling IT to be increasingly responsive to mission requirements.

Arista Federal Government Solutions

Big Data - Arista switches are ideal for deployment in Hadoop clusters with key partners such as Cloudera, MapR, and Greenplum. Automate the deployment of new Map/Reduce clusters and ensure data is protected and computational jobs execute in the most efficient way possible.

Virtualization - The Arista networking portfolio is the only networking products with native VMware vCenter integration enabling automated network segmentation and unprecedented visibility into the virtualized environment. Manage larger virtualized environments more simply than ever before.

Cloud - Arista switches are fully programmable and perfect for automating adds/moves/changes in the public or private cloud.

Signals Intelligence - Arista switches support multiple multicast replication mechanisms, onboard TCPdump diagnostics and local packet capture as well as advanced counters and congestion reporting for data collection and normalization.

Lawful Intercept - with programmable per-port and per-flow data capture capability as well as congestion monitoring and programmable deep packet inspection capabilities the Arista application switch is ideal for Lawful Intercept applications.

Radar Systems - today's Mode-S and Mode-X radar systems and associated fire control systems depend on accurate data, with no loss, and exceedingly tight latency windows. Jitter and drops simply mean data loss and put lives at risk. Arista's products are engineered for ultra low latency, deterministic latency, and proactive congestion monitoring - this improves battlefield intelligence, command and control, and protects the warfighter.

Why Arista?

  • EOS is customizable to adapt to mission requirements
  • Lower power draw for forward deployments
  • Ultra low latency for deterministic performance
  • Lower Opex and Capex versus legacy enterprise networking vendors
  • Improved software quality and reliability with the EOS multi-process state sharing architecture




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