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Arista and PacketLight Networks 100GbE Distance Extension and Conversion

Arista Networks and PacketLight Networks have jointly developed and tested a set of solutions that leverage Arista’s market leading 100GbE port density and the PacketLight Networks PL-1000GM and PL-1000T. These solutions deliver a series of cost effective and scalable distance extension and media conversion solutions.


Distance Extension and Conversion Solutions for 100G

Arista Networks and MRV have jointly developed and tested a set of solutions that leverages Arista switches’ market leading 100GbE port density and MRV's market leading Optical Transport series to deliver cost effective and efficient distance extension and media conversion solutions. Interoperability testing was performed with a MRV LambdaDriver 400L.


Arista Cloud Networks

With the introduction of the Arista 7300 Series switches, Arista provides the flexibility to further collapse network layers with the introduction of the single-tier Spline™ (combined Spine/Leaf) network design.


7000X Series Performance

While many customers will perform product testing this whitepaper provides a series of detailed performance testing results achieved with the Arista 7050X, 7250X and 7300 Series that reduces the need for customers and partners to dedicate their own testing time to validating the performance of these Arista Networks switches.


7250X & 7300 Switch Architecture

The Arista 7250X and 7300 series are purpose built 10GbE/40GbE data center switches in four flexible energy efficient form factors, designed specifically to offer increased performance, scalability and density, without making any compromises to system availability, reliability or functionality.


Cloud Networking: Scaling Out Data Center Networks

This whitepaper details Arista’s two-tier Spine/Leaf and single-tier Spline™ Universal Cloud Network designs that provide unprecedented scale, performance and density without proprietary protocols, lock-ins or forklift upgrades.


IP Ethernet Storage

Arista Networks has responded to the need for a new IP Ethernet storage fabric. Arista provides industryleading products and solutions that deliver operational and infrastructure efficiencies that have been previously unavailable.


Big Data Solution Brief

Arista is committed to supporting big data clusters in the way they were designed to operate with a non-blocking, deep buffered, high-speed data center network. This coupled with Arista’s EOS, the world’s most advanced network operating system, allows best-in-class native integration with popular big data distributions such as Hadoop.


AgilePorts over DWDM for long distance 40GbE

Arista Networks AgilePorts feature in combination with SmartOptics advanced optical solutions enables organizations to leverage native 40GbE for high capacity, low latency long distance interconnects. Network architects no longer need to delay the expansion of capacity with the Arista Networks 40GbE solutions, due to cost prohibitive active WDM. The Arista and SmartOptics’ innovative solutions provide customers with a path to better fiber efficiency by using existing WDM technology, and enabling coexistence of 10GbE and 40GbE applications on the same link for distances up to 150km.


Software Defined Cloud Networking (SDCN)

Ethernet networks have evolved significantly since their inception back in the 1980s, with many generational changes to where we are today. Networks are orders of magnitude faster with 10Gbps line rate switching as the norm. Moreover, today’s Ethernet networks offer sub-microsecond switch latency, traffic scaling and load balancing across redundant interfaces, and are reducing the management complexities with state-driven architecture and open interfaces for managing hundreds of switches through global, yet highly secured interfaces. Software Defined Cloud Networking (SDCN) is a term often used when a controller external to the forwarding logic and the actual switch itself programs the network devices to alter or enhance the flow of traffic.


Arista 7500 Switch Architecture

This white paper provides an overview of the switch architecture of the Arista 7500E series linecard and fabric modules and the characteristics of packet forwarding in the Arista 7500 series.


Scale-Out Cloud Network Designs

This whitepaper details scale-out cloud network designs enabled with the new Arista 7500E second-generation linecard and fabric modules.


Arista 7500 Investment Protection

This whitepaper details the investment protection capabilities of the Arista 7500 E-Series linecards and fabrics and how they utilize the Arista 7500 chassis and interoperate with existing Arista 7500 linecards and fabric modules.


Precision Data Analysis with DANZ

Arista Data ANalyZer (DANZ) is an integrated feature set in Arista's Extensible Operating System and is currently available on Arista Networks 7150-series switches. DANZ provides a solution to monitoring and visibility challenges at 10/40Gbps and higher with unmatched price-performance and precision. DANZ functionality will be available across the majority of the Arista product line in the summer of 2013.


VXLAN: Scaling Data Center Designs

This document provides an overview of how VXLAN works. It also provides criteria to help determine when and where VXLAN can be used to implement a virtualized infrastructure. A key benefit of virtualization, especially in the case of VMware’s vSphere, is the ability to move virtual machines (VMs) among data center servers while the VM is running! This feature, also know as vMotion, simplifies server administration and provisioning without impacting VM functionality or availability. To support vMotion, VMs must always remain in their native IP subnet. This guarantees network connectivity from the VM to users on the rest of the network.


Embedded DWDM and Distance Extension Solution

Data center operators are expanding data centers to deliver virtualized and cloud-based services including business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. These additional service and availability requirements lead to increased bandwidth and greater distances between geographically dispersed data center sites. As new services are added data center environments that were once fiber-rich can quickly run out of fiber and find the associated cost for adding more fiber to be prohibitively expensive. Cost-effective embedded DWDM and distance extension solutions can reduce complexity, operating costs and enable a rapid delivery of new services.


Arista Bioscience Technical Guide

Over the past several years there has been in a shift within the Bioscience research community industry regarding the types of computer applications and infrastructures that are deployed to sequence, analyze, compare, and model gene information. Today there exists large petabytes of already sequenced data that are contained in publically and privately available databases. This large growth in already sequenced data, and the mining of this data for further research is driving the need for state-of-the-art computing clusters. This in-depth paper describes several of the specific switching functions required to optimize the performance of life science computing clusters, and the considerations when choosing high speed Ethernet switching for Bioscience research clusters.


Arista and Solarflare: "Low-Latency, Real-Time Financial Services Applications with 10Gb Ethernet"

Testing conducted by Solarflare and Arista Networks reveals single-digit microsecond TCP and UDP applications latency can be achieved with commercially available 10Gb Ethernet Switch and Server Adapter Products.


Cisco Catalyst to Arista: Migration to Modern 10Gbe Networking

As your data center expands with more servers and additional bandwidth requirements driven by server virtualization and cloud computing, demand for 10GbE aggregation overwhelms the installed base of Cisco Catalyst 6500 and similar aggregation switches. The Arista 7000 family of switches can easily be added to your existing network design and will allow you to economically grow your network while significantly improving network performance.


Big Data and Cloud Storage

Big Data is comprised of datasets that grow so large that they become cumbersome to work with using on-hand database management tools. Difficulties include capture, storage, search, sharing, analytics, and visualizing. The growth trend continues because of the benefits of working with larger and larger datasets which allows analysts to discover business trends and solve problems. Though a moving target, current limits are on the order of terabytes, exabytes and zetabytes of data.


Improving Application Performance While Reducing Complexity

Advances in server virtualization, network storage, and compute clusters have driven the need for faster network throughput to address application latency and availability problems in the Enterprise. Yet today’s economic climate require the Enterprise maintain reasonable or reduced capital and operational cost parameters. This white paper will address how Mellanox and Arista Networks substantially improve application performance while reducing network and operational complexity.


Reliable Multicast Messaging With Ultra Low Latency And High Throughput

Microseconds matter in the ultra-competitive world of High Frequency Trading (HFT). Trading architectures that deliver the lowest latency solution are the difference between profit and loss for these financial firms. IBM, Mellanox and Arista have combined to demonstrate a low latency messaging transport solution that facilitates the high-speed delivery of market, trade, reference and event data, in or between front-, middle and back-office operations.


Arista 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch Lab Tested with IBRIX Fusion Software

Ever-increasing growth in the volume of stored data coupled with applications that require demanding computational and processing power are driving industries such as finance, media, and Web services to deploy highly scalable cloud storage and cloud computing architectures to stay competitive.


EOS CLI Parser Customization

The extensible design principles of Arista’s EOS provide the ability to rapidly customize EOS to meet your operational requirements. Instead of creating ‘off box’ scripts/tools or waiting year(s) for your chosen vendor to react you can easily customize EOS.


Switching Architectures for Cloud Network Design

Networks designed in the late 90s primarily addressed static applications and email. The future of cloud networking optimizes the following variables: guaranteed performance, low latency and any-to-any communication patterns.  Arista’s switching architectures and expanded 7000 family are designed to deliver the optimized cloud networking solution.


Design Pattern for Cloud-Centric Applications

The use cases and design patterns presented in this paper highlight two apparently contradictory facts – on the one hand, Cloud computing provides a dramatically different computing paradigm, on the other hand the use cases that will drive cloud computing are familiar ones.


Architecting Low Latency Cloud Networks

The drive for scalable and efficient cloud networks has led to 10Gb Ethernet as the interface of choice for simultaneously transporting data, storage and compute information over a common Ethernet cloud. Multiple classes of applications, rely on latency-optimized architectures for ultra fast response times.


Impact of Virtualization on Cloud Networking

The combination of virtualization and cloud computing creates a computing paradigm that requires careful network considerations.  A cloud network must support the abstraction of virtualization services from specific physical servers.


Role of 10Gb Ethernet in Storage Whitepaper

This paper provides an overview of SAN and NAS storage solutions, highlights the ubiquitous role of 10 Gigabit Ethernet in these solutions, and illustrates how Arista's 7000 series of switches directly address this market.


Cloud Networking Whitepaper

The advent of cloud computing changes the approach to data center networks in terms of throughput and resilience. The ability to scale, control, visualize and customize the cloud network is an important evolution to a “data center-in-the-box” approach


10 Gigabit Ethernet Whitepaper

The standard for 10 Gigabit Ethernet (IEEE802.3ae) was ratified in 2002. This white paper is an overview of the factors that are driving the growth for 10 GbE in the data center.


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