Extensible Modular Operating System for Software Driven Networking

Arista EOS™ was designed to provide a foundation for the business needs of next-generation datacenters and cloud networks. EOS is a highly modular software design based on a unique multi-process state sharing architecture that completely separates networking state from the processing itself. This enables fault recovery and incremental software updates on a fine-grain process basis without affecting the state of the system.

Arista EOS provides extremely robust and reliable data center communication services while delivering security, stability, openness, modularity and extensibility. This unique combination offers the opportunity to significantly improve the functionality and evolution of next generation data centers.

Featured Video: EOS Deep Dive


  • Software fault containment to single modules for superior system stability
  • Modules may be upgraded independent of the others

High Availability

  • In-service software upgrades (ISSU) of individual modules
  • Stateful fault repair of modules for automatic self healing

Third Party Extensibility

  • Customizable to particular customer needs
  • Native integration with virtualized environments


  • Familiar industry standard CLI eases management tasks
  • Easily adaptable to in-house network management systems

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